Howdy folks!  I believe our purpose in life is to enjoy it.  Not spend life trading time for money; not doing what we love.  This site will be about personal finance and I’ll be quite personal about my finances (see what I did there) Financial independence is a game changer and I want to show you the steps I’m taking, track my progress, and hopefully have some fun along the way.  Thanks for stopping by!

About Me

My name’s Cory and I’m 28 years old.  I don’t feel like I ever associated with the whole millennial shindig. I don't think I need things handed to me and I don't get offended by everything under the sun, but now I have a blog…I guess I’ve officially joined the club. 


I’m currently in the banking industry working for a government agency.  I live in Charlotte, NC with my beautiful girlfriend (I mean come on, look at that smile) and her two cats.  My goal is to become financially independent (FI) by 40 utilizing mainly real estate and any other techniques I come across through this wild ride.

My Story

I grew up in the middle of nowhere North Carolina.  Technically, I grew up in Texas (Hook ‘em Horns!) and Virginia too but spent the most time in NC.  I went to college at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  I graduated in 2012 with a business degree with a concentration in finance.  After college, I worked at a foreclosure law firm as a legal assistant for two years.  Not the greatest job, especially once the economy started to improve.  Talk about bad business for a foreclosure firm.  The firm started to make huge cuts to the staff.  My small salary wasn’t exactly keeping me motivated to stay and wait for my torch to be extinguished.  Luckily, I got out before my time was up.


In 2014, I started what I call my first “real job.”  I moved to Houston, TX and worked in finance for a state department.  I felt like I was making good money and actually using my degree.  As an added benefit, the majority of my family lives in Texas.  It was super nice to get to see them basically whenever I wanted.  I made a few really good friends.  It was great. However, I really wanted to get back to NC.

Most of my close friends live in North Carolina, so when an opportunity came up to move to Charlotte, I couldn’t pass it up.  So, in June 2016, after two years in the Lone Star State I saddled up my horse and moved to North Carolina.  Shortly thereafter, I met my girlfriend and life is great.  I work for a government agency and am making a pretty decent living.  I like the work I do but I also felt like I needed to do more.  


Luckily, in early 2018 it all really clicked. 


Why the Blog?

I realized I wanted to help people but didn't really know how or what exactly I wanted to do to fulfill this want.  It wasn't until I immersed myself into the financial independence world that I finally figured it out.  The information and knowledge I had gathered was too good not to share.  It's benefited me tremendously (I'm not even to the good part of my journey yet) and I knew this would be the perfect way for me to help others. I'm passionate about this and wanted to share it with others. With that being said, I hope the nonsense I'm writing helps you in some way, shape or form.  All positive changes will benefit your finances.  No matter how great or how small. 

Contact Me

Any questions, comments, ideas, want to tell me I'm full of crap, etc. feel free to reach out using the email feature the right! Or check me out on my socials. 

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